Ten books to read in December

Erdoğan, a journalist and human-rights activist, was arrested and detained in Turkey for four months after the failed coup attempt of July 2016. The stories in this collection, which won Turkey’s Sait Faik Short Story Award, revolve around women facing isolation, exile and imprisonment. In The Morning Visitor, a man visits a woman in a boardinghouse for migrants in a northern city; his presence reminds her, “That dark cell, it follows me wherever I go.” Wooden Birds centres on Filiz, an asthmatic political refugee who is “extremely gloomy, withdrawn, and wounded.” She is one of six patients in a hospital lung ward – three foreigners, three Germans – allowed a surreal outside visit. The title novella engages multiple voices in a haunting lament for freedoms lost in “stone buildings” – jails, mental hospitals, interrogation sites. (Credit: City Lights)


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